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What We Do

Faded black and white image of Natalie and Sarina smiling behind their laptops.

Globally, an estimated 1 billion people with disabilities have a collective spending power of $7 trillion.

They will give their business to organizations that provide access and belonging.

Is your organization one of them?

Two Canes Consulting, 2022

About Two Canes

Two Canes partners with companies of all sizes to develop customized accessibility-focused training, assessments, and solutions. Their combined passion, education and expertise has allowed Two Canes to work with companies, big and small, since 2019.

Why work with us?

Accessibility is more than a compliance standard. It is a human right and a driving force behind full social and economic participation. It is a key component of Inclusive Design, which is both informed by and supportive of diverse needs, preferences, and experiences. Inclusive Design underlies all of the work we do at Two Canes. Whether your company wants to learn more about which accessibility laws and guidelines are applicable to you or are seeking guidance on a project or initiative, Two Canes is here to help.