What We Do

What We Do

We offer customized assessments, workshops and materials to help your organization become more inclusive of all abilities and compliant with accessibility laws.

As two professional women who are legally blind and deafblind, respectively, we are well-acquainted with the concept of inaccessibility.  Through our consulting services, we help individuals and organizations eliminate barriers to access within their spaces and services.

Sarina standing and Natalie sitting and smiling while holding their canes upright in front of them.
Sarina (left) and Natalie (right). The ladies behind Two Canes Consulting.

Simple solutions for all abilities.

We conduct assessments, provide consulting services, and deliver customized workshops that focus on educating, creating awareness, and developing solutions to common accessibility obstacles. While vision loss is what we know best, we focus on accommodating all abilities through our services, by applying the principles of Universal Design. 

Inclusion through Universal Design.

Imagine a world where every space, product, and service is easily accessed and enjoyed by all people, regardless of personal factors such as age and disability. This is the premise underlying the concept of Universal Design (UD). We believe that UD should not only drive the physical design of spaces, but also the delivery of information, instruction, and assistance within those spaces.

Accessibility has 4 C's


While we bring our own experiences and expertise to the table, we place equal value on what we are able to learn from each and every one of our clients, partners, and fellow disability advocates. It is through sharing ideas and innovative solutions that we will accomplish our collective goal of making the world a more accessible place for all.


We recognize that the needs and preferences of each organization are just as unique as the individuals they serve. We will work with you in order to ensure that the services we provide are tailored to exactly what you are looking for.


We understand that there are many  misconceptions surrounding disabilities, which we aim to address in a manner that is conversational and engaging. It’s important that we effectively communicate accessibility needs to our clients, and that they feel comfortable voicing their questions and concerns to us. 


Customers and clients become loyal to your business when they feel a strong sense of connection with your people and purpose. Our aim is to help you create an atmosphere within your organization where everybody feels not only accommodated, but welcome.

We all benefit from increased inclusion.

We know that Ontario businesses are striving to meet accessibility standards, not simply because it is required by law, but because they know that everybody benefits from increased inclusion. Over the next 20 years, senior citizens and people with disabilities will account for 40% of Ontario’s total income. That is a total of $536 billion. If you or your organization want to ensure that this growing subset of individuals is able to access your programs or services- we would love to help you make this goal a reality.