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Case Study 1: Virtual Digital Accessibility Training

Throughout the pandemic, with social distancing measures in place and companies focusing more on their digital presence, Two Canes saw rising demand for our Digital Accessibility training and audits. The majority of clients seeking these services have been digital marketing agencies, wanting to expand their digital accessibility knowledge and offer additional value for their own clients.

One of these agencies requested a virtual format training over Zoom. We were joined by four members of their team, spread across just as many locations and time zones. Prior to the training, we completed an audit of their social media platforms, as well as the social media scheduling tool they were using, which we summarized into a comprehensive report, to be further contextualized in the training. These audits aren’t meant to simply point out what is accessible versus what isn’t. Instead, they raise awareness of how to maximize the accessibility features of each platform and also recognize the limitations of each. This training dove deep into the Two Canes SEE Model as a tangible approach to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and was filled with real-time tutorials, thought-provoking questions, and some laughs.

Facilitating these trainings, in person and virtually, is always a highlight for us. It’s an opportunity to educate and open the lines of communication. There are many misconceptions and often hesitation around web accessibility, especially when it comes to visual aesthetic and Search Engine Optimization.  Through this training and others we these concerns and reiterate that accessible design not only improves the user experience for everybody, but has the potential to be both beautiful and a powerful marketing tool.

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