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Case Study 2: Accessibility Guide Audit

Two Canes worked with a boutique firm that specializes in group benefits and insurance. We provided our client with a website audit as well as PDF audits and remediation. They also wondered if we would be able to assist them with a special project. Naturally, we were keen to learn more.

They were updating their internal reference documents and came across an Accessible Document Guide that was published by a large municipality, which they planned to adapt and repurpose for their business. Before doing so, they asked Two Canes to look over the document to identify any areas requiring updates and opportunities to go beyond accessibility compliance to ensure best practice.

We got to work, reading through the document line-by-line, brainstorming new approaches and updates. We found a few areas to have outdated information, and a lack of necessary context, as well as overall focus on digital documents. We put together a final report on our findings, which we shared with our clients as a solid foundation to begin developing their own Accessibility Guide. Insights we had gained into this particular company through working with them on earlier projects allowed us to further tailor our final report to their needs and preferences.

This project allowed us to look more critically at accessibility guidelines that are widely available and considered to be the status quo. The practice of repeatedly asking ourselves “Is this the best way?”, allowed us to be creative, seek out additional expertise, and provide more contextualized, person-first alternatives.The process also served as a reminder that accessibility is ever-evolving and guidelines should be updated frequently to ensure best practice.

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