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Case Study 3: LMS Platform Research

Two Canes worked closely with a career coach in a few different areas, including digital media accessibility training and a website audit. This client is passionate about supporting fellow women entrepreneurs through her mentorship and coaching, and wanted to ensure the content she was sharing was inclusive and accessible by all, including those with disabilities. 

After receiving a micro grant to support technology integration, this client excitedly hired us back on to carry out a research project for her thriving business. We researched nearly 30 different Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, completing a comparative analysis across a number of measures:

  • WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Integration of digital badges and a paywall
  • Synchronous and asynchronous course building options
  • User-friendly and customizable
  • Cost-effectiveness

Throughout the process, we had the chance to connect with LMS providers to learn more about their platforms, test them out, and ask accessibility related questions on behalf of our client. Our research was compiled into a final report, identifying the top LMS options that most closely aligned with what our client was looking for, in addition to supporting the highest level of accessibility. Our client reviewed the options carefully, and ultimately decided on a platform that wasn’t the top recommended options but still well ranked in our report and a wonderful choice that was a better fit for our client overall.

This outcome of this project reiterated that accessibility is never one-size-fits all. Every business has their own identity, preferences, and culture that they must remain true to when incorporating accessibility.

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