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Duct Tape Marketing Partner Page

The Partnership

Two Canes Consulting is pleased to partner with Duct Tape Marketing to provide member consultants and agencies with access to customized and human-centred accessibility solutions for their own businesses and clients.

Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Consultant Network

Member Exclusive Offer

Member consultants and agencies will have access to a free 30-minute consultation with Two Canes in addition to 10% off all customized accessibility training and consulting services, with the exception of website and PDF accessibility audits. Member consultants and agencies will also have access to 25% discount codes for all Two Canes online learning modules, which will begin launching in Fall 2022. Completion of these online modules will be recognized through Certified Two Canes Digital Badges.

Coming Soon: Digital Accessibility 101

The first online module Two Canes will be launching in Fall 2022 is Digital Accessibility 101, which provides foundational knowledge and understanding of disabilities, accessibility, and inclusive design. This course also focuses on best practice for creating accessible digital content, leveraging disability-inclusive marketing and communication strategies, and embedding these practices into your organization’s existing processes and guidelines.