Customized training to address the unique needs of each organization we work with. Our sessions may be geared towards anyone in an organization, from leadership to front-line employees. Training sessions are delivered in a wide variety of formats and explore topics ranging from general disability awareness to AODA compliance within both physical and digital spaces. Training can also be geared to a specific need identified by the organization. We utilize hands-on exercises, open discussion, and multimedia presentations to facilitate accessibility training that is humanized, meaningful, and engaging for all.

We are currently offering our training in a virtual format via Zoom workshops.

We complete thorough assessments of physical spaces, program delivery and instruction, as well as websites and digital content to pinpoint areas of non-compliance with AODA standards. We also review organizational accessibility plans and policies, as well as existing protocol for customer service and feedback to determine any gaps or areas requiring improvement. Each assessment is followed up with a concise report and consultation on our findings, along with recommended solutions – many of which we provide – to ensure full AODA compliance. Moreover, we will introduce your organization to cost-effective and innovative ways to go beyond basic accessibility requirements for next-level inclusion, that will let all of your employees, clients, and customers know that you value their experience and inclusion.

An area of accessibility compliance that is often overlooked is the availability of accessible format materials, whether those include hardcopy brochures, menus, and signage, or digital documents distributed internally or externally. We are able to transcribe existing materials and documentations into formats accepted under the AODA. We also curate new communication and marketing materials that to adhere guidelines for compliance and best-practice. Formats range from braille and large-font to accessible PDFs and beyond.   

There are so many incredible individuals and organizations facilitating meaningful change by providing platforms for important discussions to take place. Whether the chosen platform is a large conference or more intimate event, we are always eager to lend our voices in any way we can. We deliver presentations and talks on a wide range of topics, and seek out partnerships for collaboration on inclusive programs and events. We would love to hear from you!

Let's make accessibility happen, together.

With legislative deadlines for accessibility quickly approaching, our service offerings will help ensure that your organization is not only compliant with accessibility standards but following best practices for inclusivity.

Don’t see a service option above that aligns with your needs? That doesn’t mean we don’t want to work with you! Please contact us and we will develop an accessibility improvement plan specifically for your organization.